November 20

Owner: Siobhan
Site name: Captivating Felicity Jones
Domains:,,, &
Opened: June, 2010

I first heard of Felicity Jones when I watched The Worst Witch as a teenager. I then saw her again in Northanger Abbey and an episode of one of my favourite TV shows; Doctor Who. I already owned a couple of fan-sites and decided to add a website for Felicity to my collection. Over a decade later it is my only remaining fan site and I am still a huge fan!

Captivating Felicity Jones is an unofficial fan site. It is the longest running website dedicated to Felicity’s career. It opened back in 2010 and has been hosted by some of the biggest names in Fan Site hosting. Unfortunately a few years ago the website’s hosting company closed and all of the content was lost. In 2020 Siobhan began rebuilding the website and in 2022 took on the content of another fan site (Admiring Felicity Jones) which was closing down. Captivating Felicity Jones is currently hosted by The Fan Carpet.

Previous Layouts:

Over the decades this fan site has been through many new looks and designs. Below are just some of them, can you remember any of these layouts?

2010 - Designed by Laura
2010 – Designed by Laura

January 2011 – Designed by Siobhan

March 2011 – Designed by Tran

July 2011 – Designed by Siobhan

August 2011 – Designed by Laura

August 2012 – Designed by Siobhan

September 2012 – Designed by Tran

December 2014 – Designed by Nicole

November 2015 – Designed by Kimberly

August 2016 – Designed by Tholaire

March 2017 – Designed by Kimberly

December 2017 – Designed by Kimberly