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Photoshoots & Portraits HQ Update

30 June 2015  

Hello everyone! Thinks are fairly quiet around here at the moment as Felicity is busy working on “Inferno” so I’m busy working behind the scenes and have just added over 140 high-quality photoshoot and portrait images, replacing a lot of the old MQ shots and even adding a few that were missing. Huge thanks to Luciana for the donations. Enjoy!

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“SoulBoy” Screen Captures

13 June 2015  

I have just updated the gallery with 333 screen captures of Felicity Jones from her role in 2010 film “SoulBoy”. Unfortunately they aren’t Blu-Ray as the film has not been released in that format, but it’s still nice to get a little closer to completing the collection of screen captures of Felicity’s film work!

Glamour UK (July) Scans

11 June 2015  

Thanks to the lovely Luciana, we now have scans of Felicity Jones from the July issue of “Glamour UK” featuring that gorgeous new photoshoot.

Glamour’s Women of the Year Cover & Photoshoot

5 June 2015  

Felicity Jones is set to be on one of the four limited edition covers for Glamour UK’s annual Women Of The Year Issue, and we’ve got a brand new photoshoot to go along with it. Hopefully scans of the issue itself will pop online soon.

Felicity Jones is GLAMOUR’s Film Actress of the Year

3 June 2015  

The annual GLAMOUR awards took place in London last night, and Felicity Jones won Film Actress of the Year for her role in “The Theory of Everything”. As she is currently filming “Inferno” she was unable to attend but she did accept the award via a video link. Congratulations!

Felicity Jones won at tonight’s GLAMOUR Awards. The British actress won the award for Film Actress of the Year for her role in The Theory of Everything and accepted her award via video link from the set of her latest movie.

It was clear big things beckoned for the Oxford University graduate when she first caught our eye in unexpected Sundance Film Festival sensation Like Crazy in 2011. She’s since been nominated for a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Oscar for her role as student and Stephen Hawking’s first wife Jane in The Theory of Everything, adapted from Jane Wilde’s memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.

2015 is the actress’ biggest year to date with action film Autobahn, horror fantasy A Monster Calls and thriller Inferno all set to be released.

New “True Story” Still

28 May 2015  

Felicity news is fairly quiet at the moment, but I have found a new still from “True Story” and replaced some of the earlier additions with high-quality versions.

“Inferno” Photocall

12 May 2015  

After several quiet months, Felicity Jones made a public appearance yesterday in Florence for the “Inferno” photocall, alongside actors Tom Hanks, Omar Sy and Sidse Babett Knudsen, director Ron Howard and writer Dan Browne. Only a few photos of the event were taken,but they’ve now been added in HQ to the gallery.

People “World’s Most Beautiful” Issue Scan

24 April 2015  

The annual People “World’s Most Beautiful” issue has just been released, and Felicity Jones has been selected as one of the most beautiful people for 2015. Thanks to Luciana, we now have a scan of the magazine up in the gallery.

First Teaser for “Star Wars: Rogue One”

19 April 2015  

Star Wars Celebration continues this afternoon, and this time the focus is on the spinoffs. And for the fans watching it live around the world, or who have been in the convention all waiting the latest details on the next thread of the “Star Wars” universe, their patience has been rewarded.

Today, Gareth Edwards hit the stage to share the details on the first spinoff film, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” which is slated to star Felicity Jones as a rebel soldier. And the plot details have been confirmed: as long rumoured, it will revolve around a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. And oh, that’s not all. Even though the film isn’t slated to open until the end of 2016, the first teaser arrived. And while it’s mostly moody and setting, you have to admit, if you’re a “Star Wars” fans, it’ll get your hair up. “It’s set after Episode III, before IV — and a little more towards IV,” Edwards shared about where in the universe it’ll fit.

A very LQ fan-shot video has been posted online so far. We will update the site if/when it gets updated with a HQ version.

Felicity Jones on “True Story”, “Star Wars”, and Oscar Season

18 April 2015  

In the new, fact-based movie “True Story”, Jonah Hill plays Michael Finkel, a disgraced New York Times journalist who gets a second shot at the big time when he learns his identity was stolen by accused murderer Christian Longo (James Franco), who posed as Finkel while on the run from authorities. When Longo says he’ll explain himself only to the man he impersonated, Finkel soon becomes obsessed with investigating Longo’s case, and it falls to Finkel’s skeptical girlfriend Jill (Felicity Jones) to intercede and pull him back from the brink. For Jones, “True Story” is her first role since her Oscar-nominated breakthrough in “The Theory of Everything”, but there are even bigger parts to come: Jones recently signed on for the “Star Wars” spinoff “Rogue One” and will star opposite Tom Hanks in the Dan Brown adaptation “Inferno”. A few weeks ago, she called up Vulture to talk about how it’s all going.

The interesting thing about your character is that initially, she seems like just the love interest. As the film goes along, though, she asserts herself and becomes involved with the main story, and eventually, she’s got this one-on-one confrontation with James Franco’s character that is basically the moral crux of the entire movie. Is that something you sometimes have to fight for as an actress — that your character has more to do than just be the girlfriend?
Well, I always instinctively want to bring as much to the role as possible, and that scene is why I wanted to do the film, because I thought Jill was really fascinating. She’s a woman who thinks in very black-and-white terms, and is prepared to definitively declare that Christian is the personification of evil, and I thought there was something quite interesting about that approach. But yes, part of my job is to bring as much nuance to a character as possible.

How much input into that arc did you have?
There’s always discussion, and it was very, very collaborative. We talked a lot about making this character as strong as possible, and when you meet the real people — and I met Jill — you always learn so much more that you can bring back to the story. Even though she was very skeptical at first and suspicious of why her husband was becoming so obsessed with this man, she also became obsessed with him in some ways. There was a hope that Mike Finkel could rehabilitate himself through this story, and I think she felt like they both lost their heads about that a little bit and became intoxicated with this man. In some ways, it really is a three-way relationship near the end.

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