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More Stills from “True Story”

10 April 2015  

Another two stills of Felicity Jones from “True Story” have just popped up online and have been added to the gallery.

New Clip and First Still from “True Story”

3 April 2015  

Vanity Fair have just posted a new and exclusive clip from Felicity’s upcoming film “True Story”, along with the first official still that features Felicity as Jill Finkel.

C Magazine (Mar 2015) Scans

24 March 2015  

Thanks to the lovely Luciana over at Jessica Chastain Network, I’ve just added high-quality scans of Felicity Jones from her recent appearance in C Magazine’s March edition.

20+ New Photoshoots Added

5 March 2015  

The gallery has just been updated with over 100 images of Felicity Jones from over 20 different photoshoots from over the years. There’s a lovely mix of old and new – which ones are your favourite?

2014 Public Appearances

28 February 2015  

As the awards season is finally over for this year, I have finally found some time to upload over 1,300 high-quality images of Felicity Jones from her public appearances in 2014, where she promoted “The Invisible Woman”, “Breathe In” and began the promotional campaign for “The Theory of Everything”.

87th Annual Academy Awards

23 February 2015  

The gallery has been updated with 207 high-quality images of Felicity Jones from the 87th Annual Academy Awards, as well as the Vanity Fair Oscar Party that took place after the ceremony. It was unfortunate that Felicity did not win the Best Actress award (Congratulations to Julianne Moore for her work in “Still Alice”) but she most definitely wins Best Dressed for the night, in her gorgeous silver Alexander McQueen gown.

“The Theory of Everything” Screen Captures

20 February 2015  

The gallery has just been updated with 1,313 Blu-Ray quality screen captures of Felicity Jones as Jane Hawking from her wonderful 2014 film “The Theory of Everything”. Felicity gives an incredible performance, which has been recognised by cinema-goers and film critics alike due to the vast number of awards she has been nominated for, including a Best Actress Academy Award nomination. If you haven’t seen the film yet, try to see it – it’s easily one of Felicity’s best performances to date.

C Magazine: Meet Miss Jones

20 February 2015  

Of all the places a budding young actress might want to post up around awards season, the Sunset Tower Hotel—abuzz with agents, managers and publicists—is a solid choice. “It’s becoming my second home,” says Felicity Jones upon ordering a glass of rosé and a plate of deviled eggs. The British import—who barely looks older than 25 (she’s 31)—seems to be adjusting well to her new surroundings. “I haven’t really left the hotel. Actually, that’s not true. I was starting to go crazy so I went for a run down Santa Monica Boulevard this morning,” she says. “I love to listen to really intense dance music.”

Jones flew into town for the Golden Globes; she was nominated for her riveting portrayal of Jane Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”. Although she’s been acting since she was 11 and has starred in a bona fide blockbuster (last summer’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”), her first big awards show in many ways feels like her official Hollywood debut. Jones selected a bold teal-green Dior Haute Couture gown for the occasion, a dress that could have been lifted straight from one of the period films she’s appeared in—2013’s “The Invisible Woman” with Ralph Fiennes, for example, or 2008’s “Northhanger Abbey”.

Our drinks arrive and she raises a glass: “Cheers. Here’s to big dresses,” she smiles. The fact that the award for best actress went to Julianne Moore is water under the bridge—if anything, the Globes warranted a much-needed visit to L.A. “I always love coming here. I actually find it a relaxing place to be. You suddenly feel very healthy. I can’t get over: I leave the hotel and it’s sunny; it’s still a surprise.” Plus there’s always the Oscars, right? “Don’t jinx it!” she laughs.

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“Cemetery Junction” Screen Captures

14 February 2015  

The gallery at Felicity Jones Fan has just been updated with over 400 Blu-Ray quality screen captures as well as HQ stills and posters of Felicity as Julie from her 2010 British comedy/romance “Cemetery Junction”.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones Talk Oscars, “The Theory of Everything” & Stephen Hawking

10 February 2015  

“Whenever I’m in L.A., I’m always either an hour late or two hours early,” Eddie Redmayne says as he sits down at a table at the Los Angeles bistro Republique. “I can’t get anywhere on time.” The actor and his cast mate Felicity Jones are attending a party hosted by Yahoo Style celebrating their film “The Theory of Everything”, which has been nominated for an Oscar for best picture. Redmayne, who is quickly plowing through a large plate of hors d’oeuvres and a small basket of French fries, still hasn’t quite settled into his new role as Hollywood celebrity.

“Does anyone ever feel comfortable in it?” he asks. “How am I doing?” He’s told he looks perplexed. “Yeah,” says the 33-year-old actor. “I am. I’m not going to lie.”

Before “The Theory of Everything” came out last year, both Redmayne and Jones were only moderately recognizable. Redmayne had parts in “My Week With Marilyn” and “Les Miserables” but was far from a household name. Jones, who has been acting since the mid-’90s, has a filmography filled with quirky indies (including two small but powerhouse performances in “Like Crazy” and “The Invisible Woman”, opposite Ralph Fiennes) and, unexpectedly, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. “Eddie and I have spent many years auditioning for film and TV projects together, and being turned down together,” Jones says. “And then commiserating together. But this was the first time we’d worked together.”

“The Theory of Everything”, directed by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker James Marsh, tells the story of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, who stood by his side for years as he was ravished by ALS. It’s partially a biopic and partially a love story — albeit ultimately a tragic one that ends in divorce — and it leaves the viewer with a sense of resolute human triumph. It wasn’t a role or a story that Redmayne was ever seeking out, but it’s one that he fully inhabited. His physical, tactile performance has so far won the 33-year-old a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, a Hollywood Film Award, and an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

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